English 203

Graduate Readings: Allegorical Moments: Public, Private, and the Writing of Everyday Life

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
1 Fall 2018 Hejinian, Lyn
MW 10:30-12 305 Wheeler Literary Theory
Graduate Courses

Book List

Benjamin, Walter: The Arcades Project; Brainard, Joe: I Remember; Gladman, Renee: Calamities; Goldberg, Ariel: The Photographer; Greenstreet, Kate: The End of Something; Lefebvre, Henri: Everyday Life in the Modern World; Mayer, Bernadette: Midwinter Day; Scalapino, Leslie: New Time; Sherman, Stuart: Telling Time: Clocks, Diaries, and English Diurnal Form 1660-1785; Victor, Divya: Things to Do with Your Mouth; de Certeau, Michel: The Practice of Everyday Life vol 1

Other Readings and Media

A course reader, available from Copy Central on Bancroft


This seminar will undertake a critical reading of, and participation in, some possibilities (or impossibilities) of contemporary realisms and realities, public and private. It will query, from an array of perspectives, problems of process, representation, historical awareness, resistance, spectatorship, etc., with reference to a range of theoretical works read in parallel with the some recent (and largely “experimental”) literary texts. In addition to keeping up with the readings, each student will be required to undertake a daily writing project of his or her own that is capable of querying the conditions and character of dailiness, within the contexts of postmodern subjectivity, global precarity, and the ubiquity of neoliberal capitalism.

This course satisfies the Group 6 (Twentieth Century) requirement.

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