English R1B

Reading and Composition: Berkeley Literature

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
9 Spring 2019 Hobson, Jacob
MWF 12-1 89 Dwinelle
Book List

Kerouac, Jack: Dharma Bums; Kingston, Maxine Hong: Tripmaster Monkey; Orange, Tommy: There There

Other Readings and Media

Short readings may be posted to bCourses, possibly including writings by Isabel Allende, Eldridge Cleaver, Clark Kerr, John Muir, Huey Newton, Alice Walker, and Gene Luen Yang.


This section of English R1B studies fiction set in Berkeley, California. We will also look south to Oakland and west to San Francisco, cities whose histories and populations are bound up with our own. We will set our readings in context by considering Berkeley's history, especially as it can still be seen in buildings, place names, street placements, and landmarks. Students should come away with an increased appreciation for the rich cultural history of the place where they live and study.

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