English 203

Graduate Readings: Renaissance Drama

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
4 Spring 2019 Knapp, Jeffrey
TTh 2-3:30 186 Barrows

Book List

Bevington, D.: English Renaissance Drama; Shakespeare, W.: Hamlet; Shakespeare, W.: Henry IV Part 1; Shakespeare, W.: The Merchant of Venice; Shakespeare, W.: Twelfth Night

Other Readings and Media

Course Reader, which includes plays and criticism


Shakespeare’s preeminence as a dramatist has often paradoxically excluded him from courses on English Renaissance drama.  We’ll be returning Shakespeare to the company of his fellow playwrights, reading (among other works) Twelfth Night with Lyly’s Gallathea, The Merchant of Venice with Marlowe’s Jew of Malta, and Hamlet with Kyd’s Spanish Tragedy.  We will also be exploring Renaissance drama from a variety of other perspectives: its generic diversity and complexity; the social status of actors and playwrights; tensions between art and commerce; the representations of gender, class, and race in the plays; and important recent scholarship on these subjects.

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