English 143A

Short Fiction

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Session Course Areas
1 Summer 2019 No instructor assigned yet.
TuWTh 2-4:30 183 Dwinelle A


The Literary Magazine and the Short Story as Genre.  This course will be both a short fiction workshop and a craft class studying the literary short story as a genre. Rather than approach literary fiction as the norm from which genre fiction departs, this course will examine the short story as a genre onto itself. We will read contemporary literary magazines and the seminal anthologies establishing the history of the genre, identifying its central conventions, forms and hallmarks. During this investigation, participants will also try their hand at the literary short fiction genre. Students will write literary short stories of their own and we will workshop these as a group. Each participant will be required to workshop one story and a revision.

Note that while during fall and spring semesters admission to 143A requires an application process, no application is needed to register for the summer version of the course.

Note the new instructor (as of 5/10/2019).

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