English 135AC

Literature of American Cultures: American Hustle—Immigration, Ethnicity, and the American Dream

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Session Course Areas
1 Summer 2019 Saha, Poulomi
TuWTh 12-2 109 Dwinelle C


This course, which constitutes a survey of ethnic American literature, asks about the desires, imagination, and labor that go into the American dream. What is the relationship between immigration and dreams of upward mobility in America?  This course will examine films, novels, and short stories in which the American dream comes apart at the seams to think about the fantasies of belonging and prosperity that fuel immigration and its effect on how we think about race, class, and citizenship.

Texts may include: America Is in the Heart, Invisible Man, Hunger of Memory, The New Jim Crow, and Ragged Dick.

This course satisfies UC Berkeley's American Cultures requirement.

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