English 17


Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
1 Fall 2019 Landreth, David
Lectures MW 11-12 in 106 Stanley + one hour of discussion section per week in various locations (sec. 101: F 9-10; sec. 102: F 9-10; sec. 103: F 11-12; sec. 104: F 11-12)

Book List

Shakespeare, William: The Norton Shakespeare: Essential Plays and Sonnets (3rd ed.)


English 17 offers an introduction to the study of Shakespeare that is intended for students new to the Berkeley English Department. Incoming transfer students, future majors, and non-majors are especially welcome.

The premise of our class is that Shakespeare's texts are remarkably good to think with—remarkably pleasurable, remarkably productive. The class will give sustained attention to about half a dozen major plays, using them to develop a rich set of themes and ideas as the semester unfolds: ideas about beauty and cruelty, performance and nature, citizenship and individuality, companionship and solitude, future and past.

We'll devote special attention to developing the skills that will allow us to think most productively with Shakespeare: skills of reading, of close analysis, of reasoned and structured argument, and maybe too some elementary skills of performance.

We will alternate between large-scale lectures on Mondays and Wednesdays, in which I will offer some concepts and arguments as raw material for your thinking; and discussion sections on Fridays, where you, your classmates, and your discussion leader will develop your thinking in conversation and work on techniques for realizing your ideas in writing.

We will start with a number of short assignments focusing on particular skills, which will build up to two medium-sized papers and a final exam.

Discussion Sections

101 Ogunniyi, Kevin
F 9-10 305 Wheeler
102 Delehanty, Patrick
F 9-10 54 Barrows
103 Ogunniyi, Kevin
F 11-12 300 Wheeler
104 Delehanty, Patrick
F 11-12 301 Wheeler

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