English R1B

Reading and Composition: (Im)personal Essays

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
14 Fall 2019 Khan, Mehak Faisal
MW 5-6:30 55 Evans

Book List

Nelson, Maggie: The Argonauts

Other Readings and Media

There will also be a Course Reader.


What does it mean to give your writing "personality"? In this course we will consider varying kinds of nonfiction (travel writing, reportage, Netflix comedy specials, autobiographical games, autotheory, and the classic "personal essay") to think about the relationships that persons and personalities—particularly as they relate to race, class, gender and sexuality, nation, and land—have to their writing/art/games. We will use these forms to think about academic writing, and how personal and impersonal modes of writing function in the work we do.

This is a research-focused course geared towards developing and experimenting with academic writing skills. (Note: please do not buy books until after the first week of class, as the book list may change.)

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