English 166

Special Topics: Getting Global: Literature & Film of an Expanding & Unequal World

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
1 Fall 2019 Saha, Poulomi
MWF 12-1 103 GPB

Book List

Aidoo, Ama Ata: Our Sister Killjoy; Ghosh, Amitav: The Shadow Lines; Greene, Graham: The Quiet American; Kincaid, Jamaica: A Small Place; Ozeki, Ruth: My Year of Meats

Other Readings and Media

Films may include: Apocalypse Now, The Constant Gardener, The Host, Dirty Pretty Things, and In this World


This is a course about literature and cinema in our increasingly global world. We will look at some of the most exciting pieces of fiction and film, most of them centered on the theme of travel and human relationships forged across continents.  What do they tell us about globalization, its histories, and the forms it is now taking? Do they celebrate global connections, or do they tell a tale of a world increasingly unequal and divided? How do the local and the global intersect in the imagination of artists from different parts of the world? And how do they intersect in our own imaginations?

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