English 127

Modern Poetry

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
1 Spring 2020 Altieri, Charles F.
MWF 1-2 223 Dwinelle

Book List

Rahmazani et al, Jahan: Norton Anthology of Modern Poetry


This course will be a general survey studying the major writers and stylistic experiments that have shaped contemporary poets' understanding of their heritage.  We will go into depth on particular poems but will not be very attentive to the shape of overall careers.  Poets will include Yeats, Pound, Eliot, Loy, Moore, Williams, Stevens, Crane, then the most important post-WW II poets, Lowell, Plath, Ashbery, O'Hara, and probably Creeley.  There will be a decent amount of writing early in the semester, then a mid-term, term paper of about 10 pages, and final. The emphasis will be on how poetry can generate considerable imaginative force because of the authorial choices it exhibits.

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