English 141

Modes of Writing (Exposition, Fiction, Verse, etc.)

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
1 Spring 2020 Giscombe, Cecil S.
MW 5-6:30 140 Barrows


We'll study some of the ways that fiction writers, essayists, story-tellers, and poets have responded to the worlds that their cultures have built.  We'll read published work by our predecessors and by contemporary writers (including Maxine Hong Kingston, Audre Lorde, Angela Carter, and William Kennedy); we'll look at "high" forms and "low" forms and write in both and consider the distinctions.  We'll read and think about and write urban legends and short fictions, family histories, hybrid texts, ghost stories, and sonnets.  Students will work on individual projects and will also be asked to collaborate on group performances of creative work.  Projects incorporating material from non-written sources (graphic art, for example) will be encouraged;' projects incorporating material from unpublished sources (folklore, family stories, etc.) will also be encouraged.

Discussion, workshopping, writing prompts.

Texts TBA.

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