English 198BC

Berkeley Connect: Transfer Connect

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Session Course Areas
1 Summer 2020 Flynn, Catherine
Wed. 5-7:30 PM D


Berkeley Connect is a mentoring program, offered through various academic departments, that helps students build intellectual community. During the summer, Berkeley Connect focuses on familiarizing newly-arrived students with the research university environment, and helping them begin to imagine their path to a discovery experience during their time at Berkeley. Over the course of the session, enrolled students participate in regular small-group discussions facilitated by a graduate student mentor, following a faculty-directed curriculum; meet with their graduate student mentor for one-on-one academic advising; attend special events featuring faculty and/or alumni; and go on field trips to campus resources. Berkeley Connect helps students meet peers with common interests and experiences, feel better prepared to approach professors, increase their sense of belonging, and increase their confidence that they can succeed at UC Berkeley.

In the summer, 198BC is known as "Transfer Connect" and is open only to new, incoming junior transfer students participating in the Transfer Edge program. Transfer Connect is open to all Transfer Edge participants regardless of major; the graduate student mentors are drawn from a variety of departments.

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