English 243N

Prose Nonfiction Writing Workshop

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
1 Fall 2020 Kleege, Georgina
Thurs. 9:30-12:30


This is a writing workshop for Ph.D students interested in writing nonacademic literary prose. This might mean creative nonfiction, personal essay, memoir, food writing,, sports writing, nonacademic reviewing of books, film, performance, and art, and so forth. Reading will be determined according to the interests of the group. Students should expect to produce 30-50 pages of new work over the course of the semester, including critiques of classmates' work. Undergraduates should not apply unless they have completed two sections of the undergraduate workshop (English 143N). 

Only continuing, graduate-level UC Berkeley students are eligible to apply for this course (with the exception listed above). To be considered for admission, please electronically submit 5-10 pages of your creative non-fiction (this can be an excerpt of a longer work-in-progress, but please include a brief summary of the project as a whole), by clicking on the link below; fill out the application you'll find there and attach the writing sample as a Word document or .rtf file. The deadline for completing this application process is 11 PM, THURSDAY, APRIL 30.

Applicants will be informed, by email, of the results of their applications by May 31.


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