English 250

Research Seminar: Symposia in Trans Method

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
1 Fall 2020 Lavery, Grace
F 9-12


Is there a trans method? Should there be? These two questions will guide our study of work by trans writers, artists, and activists, both within the historical institution of "trans studies" (conceived of as distinct from and even oppositional to queer theory) and in the far larger archive of critial and creative writing by trans people working in spaces outside (and often oppositional to) the University. The course will proceed in two-week chunks; on the first week of the pair, we will read work by trans writers, and on the second, we will host a symposium with the authors of the work we will have read, with class participants offering short conference-style responses to the class reading. Confirmed symposium participants include Jules Gill-Peterson, Torrey Peters, Marquis Bey, Morgan Page, Emma Heaney, Cáel Keegan, Eva Hayward, Jeanne Vaccaro, Maxe Crandall, and Jordy Rosenberg, with more participants still to be confirmed. Additionally, we will read work by Riley Snorton, Che Gossett, Tourmaline, Susan Stryker, Dean Spade, Judith Butler, Kay Gabriel, Sheila Jeffreys, Sara Ahmed, Gayle Solomon, and Sandy Stone.

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