English 134

Contemporary Literature: Contemporary British Fiction (and a few films)

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
1 Spring 2021 Gang, Joshua
Lectures TTh 11-12 + one hour of discussion section per week (sec. 103: F 11-12; sec. 104: F 12-1)

Book List

Burns, Anna: Milkman; Cusk, Rachel: Kudos; Evaristo, Bernadine: Girl, Woman, Other; Hollinghurst, Alan: The Line of Beauty; Ishiguro, Kazuo: The Remains of the Day; Rushdie, Salman: Haroun and the Sea of Stories; Sebald, WG: Rings of Saturn; Smith, Zadie: White Teeth

Other Readings and Media


Dung Kai-Cheung's Atlas: The Archaeology of an Imaginary City is available electronically through the University Library. 



This course will examine British novels and films from the past thirty years--from roughly 1990 through the present. Topics of discussion will include: the legacies of empire, World War II, Thatcherism, and New Labor; the erosion of the welfare state; British nationalism, multiculturalism, and immigration; feminism and LGBTQIA+ politics and aesthetics; Northern Ireland and Troubles; the Handover/Return of Hong Kong; the decline of British manufacturing; psychogeography; the literary marketplace; the EU, Euroscepticism, and Brexit. Evaluation will be based on a combination of papers, exams, and course participation.

Novels will include: Anna Burns, Milkman; Rachel Cusk, Kudos; Bernadine Evaristo, Girl, Woman, Other; Alan Hollinghurst, The Line of Beauty; Kazuo Ishiguro, The Remains of the Day; Dung Kai-Cheung, Atlas: The Archaeology of an Imaginary City; Salman Rushdie, Haroun and the Sea of Stories; WG Sebald, Rings of Saturn; and Zadie Smith, White Teeth.

Films will likely include: Stephen Frears, My Beautiful Laundrette; Richard Loncraine, Richard III; Wong Kar-Wai, In the Mood for Love; Derek Jarman, Edward II and Blue; Stephen Daldry, Billy Elliot; Patrick Keiller, Robinson in Space; Alfonso Cuarón, Children of Men. Additional films TBA.

Discussion Sections

101 Gamedze, Londiwe
F 9-10
102 Gamedze, Londiwe
F 10-11

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