English 43A

Introduction to the Writing of Short Fiction

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
1 Spring 2021 Rowland, Amy
MW 3-4:30


This is an introductory workshop that focuses on writing and revising short fiction. We will also read published short stories and other literary work to see how writers handle the essentials of voice, character, setting, structure, point of view, conflict, and the use of language. Students will present their own fiction, and will also be close and empathetic readers of the work of others.   

During the course, students will be responsible for constructively critiquing their classmates’ work, sharing their own work, and reading closely for class discussion. Each student will write two short stories over the course of the semester.

Since this is an introduction to the writing of short fiction, all space in the class will be saved for sophomores and freshmen (at least inititally). Interested students should enroll directly into this course, and no application or writing smple is required.

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