English 172

Literature and Psychology

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Session Course Areas
1 Summer 2021 Zeavin, Hannah
TWTh 12-2 C


In this course, we will survey literatures of the self and their history from antiquity to the present, in its many genres and forms: the diary, the autobiography, the poem, the novel, the memoir, the case study, the graphic novel, and digital self-presentation. Auto-writings negotiate a paradox: a subjective engagement with subjective fact that often aspires to a nearly scientific objectivity; sometimes they task themselves with the opposite: undoing or revising a scientific or political consensus. We will think about these literatures as means of self-preservation, self-knowing, self-tracking, diagnosis, an accounting for a self, as a site of counter-history, and as a tool for (re)enfranchisement.

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