English 100

The Seminar on Criticism: Indigenous Autobiography

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
5 Spring 2022 Wong, Hertha D. Sweet
MWF 12-1 Dwinelle 189

Book List

Arnold, Krupat: Native American Autobiography: An Anthology; Black Elk, Nicholas: Black Elk Speaks: The Complete Edition; Hale, Janet Campbell: Bloodlines: Odyssey of a Native Daughter; Harjo, Joy: Poet Warrior; Hogan, Linda: The Woman Who Watches Over the World: A Native memoir; Miranda, Deborah E.: Bad Indians: A Tribal Memoir; Momaday, N. Scott: The Way to Rainy Mountain; Mourning Dove, Jay Miller: Mounring Dove: A Salishan Autobiography; Silko, Leslie Marmon: The Turquoise Ledge: A Memoir; Swann, Brian and Arnold Krupat, eds.: I Tell You Now: Autobiographical Essays by Native American Writers


As we develop our critical reading and writing skills, we will examine a wide range of Native American personal narratives, from pre-contact pictographic narratives painted on animal hides and later drawn in ledgerbooks to nineteenth-century as-told-to autobiographies to twentieth and twenty-first century personal memoirs. We’ll focus on Indigenous epistemologies and self-constructs; transcultural definitions of autobiography and subjectivity; transgenerational trauma and resilience; and the role of memory, imagination, and story in resisting and surviving settler-colonialism.

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