English 141

Modes of Writing (Exposition, Fiction, Verse, etc.)

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
1 Fall 2021 Abrams, Melanie
MW 12-1 + one hour of discussion 277 Cory Hall

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This course will introduce students to the study of creative writing—fiction and poetry. Students will learn to talk critically about these forms and begin to feel comfortable and confident writing within these genres. Students will write a variety of exercises and more formal pieces. In weekly discussion sections, students will participate in class workshops where their work will be edited and critiqued by other students in the class.


Discussion Sections

101 No instructor assigned yet.
Friday 1-2 283 Dwinelle
102 No instructor assigned yet.
Friday 2-3 124 Wheeler
103 No instructor assigned yet.
Friday 3-4 30 Wheeler
104 No instructor assigned yet.
Friday 4-5 24 Wheeler

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