English 145

Writing Technology: Utopian Futures

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1 Fall 2021 Chandra, Vikram
MW 10-11 + one hour of discussion 3106 Etcheverry

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Fiction writers have always imagined better futures made possible by technological advances.  In their fiction, they have created both dystopias and utopias to allow us to think about technology and the world we live in.

In this interdisciplinary course, we will use methods and insights from literary theory, computer science, scenario planning, and historical studies to examine various fictional narratives written over the centuries.  The narrative forms we’ll examine will include short stories, essays, computer games, imaginings of idealistic “disruption” of current industries and political systems, and writing about programming techniques and systems.

Through our readings of fiction, we will explore our relationships with the ethics and politics of technology, and what it means to have a “good life.”

This writing-intensive course will allow students to engage in writing about technology, history, and the human imagination.  Students will write in the forms practiced by journalists, historians, literary critics, and scenario planners. 

Please note that students will not write any fiction in this class.

Attendance is mandatory.



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Friday 11-12 211 Dwinelle
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Friday 2-3 225 Dwinelle

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