English H195A

Honors Course

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
2 Fall 2021 Saul, Scott
TuTh 12:30-2 45 Evans

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English H195A is the first part of a two-semester sequence for those English majors writing honors theses. We will read and discuss a range of texts that will provide grounding in contemporary critical methodologies, as well as various genres of literary and cultural analysis that inform the style(s) of academic prose in the humanities. We will also consider a few shared primary works (including at least one film) to guide our critical discussions.

In addition to critical readings and case studies, the course will offer practical help for students embarking on their thesis projects—long (40-60pp) essays on topics of your own choice that you will be writing in the spring semester. We will talk about how to conceptualize a research topic; how to sustain arguments and analyses that draw on original research and critical debate; and how to structure longer essays that are both ambitious and focused. You do not need to have your thesis topic formed before the course begins, but it will help to at least start thinking over the summer about the kinds of works and critical issues you will want to examine.

Please contact the instructor for more information about the readings for the course.


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