English 143A

Short Fiction

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
1 Fall 2022 McFarlane, Fiona
MW 9:30-11 Wheeler 301


A short fiction workshop with a focus on the craft of writing. In this course, we will be readers, writers, and editors of short fiction. We'll read a range of published short stories in order to explore the technical ways in which a short story is crafted, discussing topics like structure, point of view, conflict, detail, and dialogue. Each student will write and revise one significant story over the course of the semester. Students will read and edit each other's stories, write formal responses, and workshop the stories in class. Alongside these workshops, we'll discuss revision, publication, process, and practice. A course reader will be available for purchase.

Please note that access to this class is by application only.

To apply, submit a 7-15 page (double spaced) sample of your fiction. Complete stories preferred, but not required.

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