Honors Course

ENGLISH H195A (HONORS COURSE): This is an instructor-approved course open only to senior English majors with an overall G.P.A. of 3.51 or higher and a G.P.A. of 3.65 or higher in courses taken at Berkeley in the major. In order to be considered for admission to H195A, you must electronically apply, using the link on the course listing in this "Announcement of Classes"; your submission will need to include: (a) the on-line application form, along with PDFs of: (b) your Academic Summary (go into Cal Central, click your "My Academics" tab, then click "View Academic Summary" and "Print as PDF"); (c) your non-UC Berkeley transcript(s), if any; (d) a critical paper (in a PDF or Word document) that you wrote for another class (the length of this paper not being as important as its quality); and (e) a personal statement (in a PPF or Word document), including why you are interested in taking this course and indicating your academic interest and, if possible, the topic or area you are thinking of addressing in your honors thesis. These applications must be submitted, via the corresponding link, BY 11 PM, FRIDAY, MAY 8.  Since the department must review the G.P.A.s of H195A applicants for courses taken through the Fall 2019 semester, and the instructors must carefully assess the applications, it will not be possible to determine who has been admitted until the Fall 2020 semester is about to start.  Therefore, applicants will be contacted by email sometime between late July and late August to be informed if they have been selected for admission, and, if so, to which section. (Since there might be more applicants for one section than the other, some students might end up being placed in the section that was not their first choice.)  EACH STUDENT ADMITTED TO H195A WILL NEED TO OBTAIN HIS OR HER INDIVIDUAL PERMISSION CODE AT THE FIRST CLASS MEETING FROM THE CORRESPONDING INSTRUCTOR.  NO ONE WILL THEREFORE BE ABLE TO ACTUALLY ENROLL IN THIS PARTICULAR COURSE BEFORE INSTRUCTION BEGINS IN THE FALL.