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▼Equipment to Borrow

We have the following equipment available to lend:

  • A digital projector, Epson WXGA. It's plug and play, works through USB or VGA (and we have some Mac adapters for the VGA).
  • A laptop. It's a Windows machine that uses the Vista operating system.
  • A Kodak Touch video camera.
  • Extension cords and surge suppressors
  • An all-region DVD player.  It can plug-and-play in most rooms with an HDMI cable  
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▼Reimbursement Requests


T&E policy on reimbursement requests - 45-day submission deadline
There is a UC system policy for both Travel and Entertainment that requires reimbursement requests to be submitted no later than 45 days after the completion of travel, or for entertainment 45 days from the date the expense was incurred, as specified by the IRS in Publication 463. Following this policy ensures we maintain our Accountable Plan status. 
For the past two years, the reimbursement system has been sending courtesy notifications to employees and their approvers, to remind them of this policy whenever a reimbursement was submitted outside of the 45-day window. However, going forward, we will begin strictly enforcing this policy and any exceptions will be treated as taxable income, which would result in the employee being subject to withholding on those reimbursements on a subsequent paycheck. As is current practice, the individual being reimbursed will receive a notification through the reimbursement system if they submit a T&E reimbursement request past the 45-day period. We will begin enforcing this policy on travel with a return date of July 1, 2021, or later, or for an entertainment event with an end date of July 1, 2021, or later.
If you have any questions, please review our frequently asked questions or contact the T&E team at

Travel and entertainment reimbursements submitted after the 45-day deadline will still be issued and paid through the normal channels. However, this payment will be reported to Central Payroll as imputed income, and appropriate tax withholding will occur on a subsequent paycheck.

Only employees (faculty and staff) with travel and entertainment reimbursements out of compliance with the 45-day submission deadline are subject to tax withholding and reporting as imputed income. The deadline does not apply to students or visitors. Reimbursement requests from students and visitors, as sound business practice, should still be submitted in a timely manner.

The 45-day reporting requirement also does not apply to reimbursements of non-travel & entertainment expenses (i.e. books, supplies, equipment, memberships, etc.). Such reimbursements, however, should be submitted in a timely manner. Reimbursement requests for non-T&E expenses that go several months or more back, in particular if the volume of receipts submitted is large, will be subject to delays as these take an inordinate amount of time for both English Staff and the auditors in Accounts Payable to prepare and review.

Direct Entry

Faculty and Staff have the option of submitting their own requests directly into the Reimbursement System. This allows for faster processing as you can directly enter your expenses and upload your receipts. This obviates the need to to fill out our departmental forms, retain receipts, and submit your paperwork for the Finance Team to prepare and submit, a process that can take several weeks.

If you are interested in learning more about Direct Entry, please contact Joemari Cedro for more information and/or to schedule a demo. Please visit the links below to the for an overview of the reimbursement process, as well as PDF and video job aids for directly entering your own requests.

The Finance Team remains available to process your reimbursement requests in the system. [Note that Direct Entry is not available for students and visitors, whose reimbursements and payments must be processed by department staff.]


Please note that signatures will no longer be required on our forms. Signatures will instead be obtained when the finalized expense report has been entered in the system. The following options to sign the expense report will be available:

Option 1 (Preferred - For Faculty and Staff only): You will receive an email from the Reimbursement System to log in and submit for approval the expense report that has been prepared for you by the Finance Team. The email will include instructions to log in to the system, verify the accuracy of the report, and submit the report for approval. Your CalNet authentication to log in acts as your electronic signature. Therefore no wet signature will be requred.

Option 2 (For Students/Visitors, or Faculty/Staff who prefer not to submit in the system): Per a recent change in Accounts Payable policy, only handwritten signatures or electronic signatures via DocuSign will be accepted. The Finance Team will email you a PDF copy of the expense report for signature, based on your preferred option to sign by hand or elctronically through DocuSign.

▼Room Reservations

Check the calendars below for availability BEFORE making any request.

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▼Room Information (Please read first)
  • Wheeler 300, media room -- DEPARTMENT USE ONLY
  • Wheeler 315, Maude Fife, (155 occupants) -- NO FOOD OR DRINK ALLOWED INSIDE
  • Wheeler 330, Department Lounge, (informal)
  • Wheeler 331, conference room, (25 occupants) -- DEPARTMENT USE ONLY
  • Wheeler 400, (6 occupants) -- DEPARTMENT USE ONLY
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