Shakespeare's Sexual Comedy

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Hugh Richmond's Shakespeare's Sexual Comedy Bobbs Merrill, 1971 Also from Questia Library

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Aug 04, 2020 Michael Finocchiaro rated it: "It was amazing." :-

M.F.: Written in the wake of the sexual revolution of the 60s, British ex-pat Richmond, teaching apparently at Berkeley across from San Francisco, gives a fantastic analysis of Shakespeare in terms of sex and gender. This is a wonderfully written manual for healthy romantic relationships - how to avoid Romeo and Juliet fatality, the pleasure of being with strong women (Beatrice, Rosalind), and the pitfalls of being an idiot (Romeo again). I really found this to be a perfect balance between literary criticism and a pleasurable interpretation of the Bard's work. Very, very highly recommended if you can find a copy!

jennet W. Proc rated it:  "it was amazing."     Aug 02, 2020

Elise Reilly rated it:  "it was amazing."     Jul 25, 2018

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