FAQs for Graduate Students

Q: What English Department rooms can I reserve for Conferences/Events?
  • 300, 306, 315 (Maude Fife), 330 (Lounge), 450
  • You cannot reserve the lounge before 4pm Monday through Friday.
  • To request these rooms, please go to the Room Reservations portion of the Resources (for the department) portion of our website.


Q: How do I reserve non-English Department rooms?
  • Go through Special Event Reservations to reserve other rooms. Here is a link: http://registrar.berkeley.edu/SpecialEvents.html
  • Please contact Special Events if you need help.


Q: My event is during the weekend. Will Wheeler Hall be unlocked? If not, how do I request the building be unlocked/locked?
  • Wheeler Hall is not open on the weekends. Contact the Administrative Officer (adminofficer_english@berkeley.edu) and request the building be unlocked/locked.
  • Tell the Admin Officer the time you would like it unlocked and the time you would like it locked.
Q: Will the trash be picked up over the weekend? If not, how do we request that? Is there a fee?
  • If this is a large event and you will have a lot of leftover food waste, you must schedule a pick up.
  • The trash will not be picked up over the weekend unless you schedule a pickup. Email the Administrative Officer (adminofficer_english@berkeley.edu) and let her know the date and time you would like the pick up(s).
  • There is a fee associated with this. It will be charged to your group’s fund.
Q: I will have alcohol at my event. Is there anything I need to do?
  • You MUST have a faculty or staff member PRESENT who will ensure that no one under 21 years is served alcoholic beverages.
  • Please fill in the alcohol permit at LEAST 14 days before the event.
  • Send to adminofficer_english@berkeley.edu or drop it off in person to the Admin Officer who will obtain the signed approvals.
  • Then, the AO will give it back to you. You then send it to UCPD Special Events Coordinator (directions are at the top of the permit).
Q: How do I get a catering invoice paid?
  • Do not pay out of pocket. We have direct bill agreements with several caterers (see below). Note: there is no direct bill number.
  • Tell the caterer you are with the UC Berkeley English Department.
  • Your name needs to be on the invoice in addition to UCB English.
  • Have the invoice sent to you (either email or snail mail).
  • Please submit the invoice to the Finance/HR assistant using the Entertainment Reimbursement form complete with guest list and signature after the event occurs.
Q: Which caterers do we have direct bills with?
             (Note: there is no direct bill number. Just drop the name UC Berkeley English along with your name)
  • Pacific Fine Foods
  • Market Hall Caterers
  • AG Ferrari Foods
  • Ann’s Catering
  • Sun Rise Deli
  • Cal Caterers
  • La Mediterranee
Q: Does the English department have any audio visual equipment for use?
  • Yes. We have microphones, lapel mics, projectors, and a laptop.
  • Contact the Administrative Office for arrangements
  • PLEASE RETURN THE ITEMS IMMEDIALTEY AFTER YOUR EVENT OR LEAVE IN THE ROOM IF THE EVENT IS HELD OVER THE WEEKEND. (All the rooms need a key to get into and should be safe to leave).
Q: How do I ensure I have enough funding for my event?
  • E-mail Jane Youn the event information, budget, and where the funds are coming from.
  • If your event is large or this is your fist time hosting an event, it is best to meet with the Finance Team in person well before your event to briefly go over your budget and how you want us to apply funding source(s) if applicable.
Q: How do I get travel arrangements reimbursed for guest speakers and event attendees?
  • Fill out the travel reimbursement form found in 322 Wheeler Hall and on our website with appropriate receipts/documentation.
  • If the individual is not receiving an honorarium please also fill out a New Vendor request form and return to the Finance Team.
  • We cannot reimburse until after the event has occurred.
Q: How do I make hotel arrangements for guest speakers and event attendees?
  • Guests can make their own arrangements and be reimbursed.
  • We also have several direct bill agreements with hotels on and near campus.
  • Contact the hotel to make the reservation. Say the English Department will be providing a direct bill ID number.
  • Forward the hotel reservation confirmation e-mail to finance_english@berkely.edu and we will follow-up with the hotel.
Q: What hotels do we have direct bill agreements with?
  • Faculty Club
  • Women’s Faculty Club
  • Hotel Durant
  • Hotel Shattuck Plaza
  • Berkeley City Club
  • Rose Garden Inn
Q: How do I get honorarium payments made to guest speakers?
  • Fill out the Honorarium form found in 322 Wheeler Hall and on our website. We will take care of the rest.
  • Please note payments can take up to several months to process.
Q: What are some other ways I can ensure my event runs smoothly?
  • Talk to your peers! Many English department grad students have run events and they probably have advice on what went well and what didn’t.
  • Communicate with department staff all your needs.