Hiring FAQ's for Faculty

Q: How do I hire a student?
A: Complete the online English Department Student Hiring Form. You should complete the entire form as early as possible as this form is only the first step in the hiring process. Students may not start working until after they have been fully onboarded by Berkeley Regional Services.
Q: How do I hire a non-student?

A: Contact Joemari or Linda. We will need to know the job description. Non-student titles we've used in the past are Administrative Assistant, Editor, and Translator. The hire may not start working until after they have been fully onboarded by Berkeley Regional Services.

Q: Can I hire a freelancer/independent contractor and be reimbursed?

A:  The short answer is no. Rather their services should be procured through the Department via BearBuy urchase order. If you need to hire someone for a very specialized job, please talk to Joemari or Linda BEFORE you make any arrangements.

Q: How do I extend/cut short an appointment?

A: Please be proactive. Problems arise when the appointment has ended and the student keeps working. Email Joemari before the appointment ends. Your request will need to be in writing. Include the new end date and any other changes you'd like to make, including percentage of time, change in pay rate, funding source, etc.

Q: How do I approve a timesheet?

A: Please see the following links for approving timecards in CalTime (bi-weekly paid Readers and Student Assistants); for approving timesheets for monthly-paid Readers in the online Reader/Tutor Timekeeping app (time.berkeley.edu); and for approving manual timesheets (monthly paid Readers and Student Assistants, any late submissions, and on rare occasions bi-weekly paid GSR's).

Manual timesheets can be found here.

Q: When are timesheets due?

A: Timesheet deadlines vary by the employee's payroll cycle.  Current deadlines can be found here.

If you miss the deadline, please submit your employee's timesheets as soon as possible. If they use CalTime or the Timekeeping app to report hours, then complete the corresponding manual timesheet for your late submission. Paycheck will not be issued on time, and will have to wait until the next avaialble pay date.

Note for the Timekeeping app, monthly-paid Readers can report their missed time for previous pay periods going as far back as 6 months and will then be paid on their next on-cycle pay date. If they want to be paid sooner for the missed time, they can instead submit the monthly manual timesheet for an off-cycle pay date.

Manual tmesheets can either be emailed to csstimesheets@berkeley.edu or share_payroll@berkeley.edu. FYI, the latter may be more preferable since they would go directly to our SHARE Team's email instead of the general BRS address.

Q: When are paychecks issued?
  • The bi-weekly pay period is a 2-week cycle that runs from Sunday to the Saturday of the second week. Paychecks are issued every other Wednesday.
  • Monthly paychecks are issued on the 1st, unless that date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday. In those cases, paychecks will then be issued on the preceding business day, except for January 1st (New Year's Day) where paychecks are issued on the next business day.