Hiring FAQ's for Faculty

Q: How do I hire a student?
A: Complete the Authorization to Hire form and give it to Katie. You should complete the entire form. They should not start working until after they are hired.


Q: How do I hire a non-student?
A: Complete the relevant parts of the Authorization to Hire form and contact Jenny or Alex. They will need to know the job description. Non-student titles we've used in the past are Administrative Assistant, Editor, and Translator. They should not start working until after they are hired.


Q: Can I hire a freelancer/independent contractor and be reimbursed?
A: Please talk to Alex BEFORE you start. The short answer is no. They should be hired through the department. If you need to hire someone for a very specialized job, see Alex. More information can be found on the Procurement Services Website.


Q: How do I extend/cut short an appointment?
A: Please be proactive. Problems arise when the appointment has ended and the student keeps working. Email Jenny before the appointment ends. She will need your request in writing. Include the new end date and any other changes you'd like to make including percentage of time or funding source.


Q: How do I approve a timesheet?
A: The best way is to sign the actual timesheet. If you are away from the office and need to approve hours via email, please contact Jane before the timesheet is due.  Make sure the number of hours you are approving and the month is in the email, whether it is written by the student or by you.

For example, "I approve 26 hours worked in September 2012 for John Smith." If this information is not somewhere in the email, I will need to ask you for it again.


Q: When are timesheets due?
A: Timesheets are due before the month is over and it is for all of the hours for the month.

GSR's timesheets are due by the 18th of the month.  Assistant and editor timesheets are due by the 25th of the month.