Honoraria FAQs

All honoraria over $1000 from L&S departments must be routed to the L&S Deans' Office for review and approval.

1.    Can UC Berkeley employees receive honoraria?

a.    An honorarium payment cannot be made to UC Berkeley employees or affiliates who make significant instructional contributions to a course, or over several months, such as to visiting scholars.


2.    Can personnel from other UC Campuses receive honoraria?

a.    YES! The Intercampus One-Time Payment Form must be used.
b.   We need information from the other campus.  I suggest you have the other campus fill in their portion of the form before the event.
c.    The payment will take about 2 months to process.


3.    Can foreign individuals receive honoraria?
a.    YES!
b.   First, they need to be added as a vendor. I will need their mailing address and ITIN (individual taxpayer identification number).
c.    If they do not have an ITIN, I highly suggest they get one. The honoraria will be taxed greatly without it. Tell the individual to contact Arthur Quilao at glacieradmin@berkeley.edu and the glacier department will help the person obtain an ITIN.
d.    Second, they need to have a glacier record. I will email Glacier with a request. The foreign individual will receive an email from Glacier with instructions.
e. Once the individual arrives, the finance team needs copies of the I-94, visa stamp/sticker, and the passport information pagefrom his/her passport. This cannot be done after the visitor leaves.