Letters of Recommendation

If You Would Like to Request a Letter of Recommendation

We encourage you to use the UC Berkeley Letter Service at the Career Center (http://career.bekeley.edu). Be sure to complete the required waiver form with your signature. The Letter Service will not accept a letter of recommendation without it.

The English Department staff is not involved with letters of recommendation. Please contact the professor directly.

Please provide the following information. You can send it electronically or deliver a hard copy to the professor's mailbox in 322 Wheeler Hall.

Information about You
  • your job letter, personal statement, or dissertation abstract;
  • a resume and copy of your UC Berkeley transcript;
  • written work you completed for the course (or courses), with professor's comments. If you no longer have the originals, write a brief description of the work.
Information about the Program, Job, or Fellowship
  • specific information about the program, job, fellowship, or position to which you are applying, including the names, titles, and contact information for the persons or programs to whom the letter should be sent and the due date for each letter.

If you have only one or two applications and are not using the Letter Service, please include:

  • the appplication forms, the names and addresses or websites of the person or programs to whom the letters should be sent, and, if applicable, a stamped, addressed envelope.

Due to the busy application season, you should allow at least three weeks for the professor to complete your letter.