300 Wheeler

Reserving and Using the English Department Media Room (300 Wheeler)


Currently there is no media capability in this room beyond what you carry in, though we have portable projectors and speakers to borrow. This room should once again be a full-fledged media room by January.  It seats 45. The lights have dimmer switches, the shades are blackout shades, and there is a large, high-quality screen on one wall.  

This may be the Wrong Room

  • If your class has more than 45 students, you shouldn't use 300 Wheeler; instead, please ask the Curriculum Coordinator, Emily Cardoza, to reserve some other, larger media room through the Scheduling Office. Ask well in advance.
  • Food and drink (including water) are not allowed in 300 Wheeler.

Reserving and Accessing the Room

Using the Room

  • You can get on-line with your computer in 300 Wheeler. There is wifi in the room. You can also get a hard-wired connection through the USB cable in the console. The IP address and DNS server and other information you'll need to configure your connection are printed on the console.

Before you leave, test that the door is locked behind you when you go. It's easy for the button on the inside door handle to pop out, in which case the door won't lock. Push it back in and twist it.