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John Campion

John Campion


478 Wheeler
T/Th: 9:00-9:30; 11:00-11:30

Professional Statement

The poet John Campion has almost 30 years of teaching experience. He is the founder of the Ecotropic movement--derived from the roots, "Eco" (hearth, economy, ecology) and "Tropic" (to turn towards, heliotropic, psychotropic). As a philosophy, Ecotropics holds that for human culture to be healthy, it must exist as in an ecological niche, and thereby, relate appropriately with all the fields of forces of nature. His poetry, art, music, philosophy, and criticism reflect ecotropic values.

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Selected Publications and Papers Delivered

In addition to his poetry, Campion also works as an artist and as a collaborator with musical composers.


Utilizing his poetry in art, Campion creates a form he calls Texturals. He exhibited these in the recent past in one-person show (Texturals from the Medusa--a Walking Book) at the Worth-Ryder Gallery on UC Berkeley Campus. The art on paper was hung loosely from pairs of copper rows. Patrons walked through the labyrinth, reading the texturals as they progressed.

You can see samples of these works at Artslant


Music Collaborations and Librettos

Campion has written librettos and collaborated with two major composers: Edmund Campion and Cindy Cox. The work has been performed live and on radio and television around the  world. You can experience some audio and video samples of these works at the website for CNMAT (Center for New Music and Audio Technologies).


Major Books

(Book length poem)
Ecotropic Works, October 2007

Squaring the Circle
(Book length poem)
Ecotropic Works, 2002

Tongue Stones
(Book length poem)
Ecotropic Works, 1995, 2001

Ecotropic Works
(Anthology of Environmental Writing)
Ecotropic Works, 2002

Where Three Roads Meet
Cedarshouse Press, 1990

Sippapu the Kiva an Inverted Bat
Latitudes Press, 1985

El Sueño
(Translation of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz' Poem)
Brazos Books, 1980


Recent Essays

Discovering and Composing with Logos

Contemporary Music Review (Ed. Peter Nelson

Pedagogical Practice and Curricular Infrastructure in Graduate Music Composition

(Volume 31, Part IV) August 2012



Current Research

After spending a year in South America, Campion is working on the forth in a series of book-length poems mapping out an ecotropic critique of culture and a pathway ahead.

English Department Classes

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