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Eric Falci

Eric Falci

Professor; Department Chair

Wheeler Hall, room 323
by appointment

Professional Statement

I joined the faculty at U.C. Berkeley in Fall 2006 after finishing my PhD at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.  My first book, Continuity and Change in Irish Poetry, 1966-2010appeared in 2012.  A second book, The Cambridge Introduction to British Poetry, 1945-2010, was published in 2015; a third, The Value of Poetry, appeared in 2020. My first book of poetry, Late Along the Edgelands, appeared in 2019. Currently, I am continuing to elaborate Poetry and the Problem of Music, a book about the conjunctions and disjunctions between poetry and music since the nineteenth century. From July 2017 through June 2021, I served as Associate Dean in the Graduate Division.

Late Along the Edgelands
Late Along the Edgelands

In a series of tattered sequences and oddly-angled lyrics, Late Along the Edgeland sketches an attenuated present. Remaining within a relatively circumscribed lexis and store of images—those of the littoral, the mid-sea, the edges of several cities c....(read more)

Irish Literature in Transition, 1980-2020
Irish Literature in Transition, 1980-2020

Co-edited by Paige Reynolds and Eric Falci, Irish Literature in Transition, 1980–2020 elucidates the central features of Irish literature during the twentieth century's long turn, covering its significant trends and formations, reassessing its major ....(read more)

The Value of Poetry
The Value of Poetry

"Drawing on an ample range of contemporary sources, Falci explores how poetry uses its formal wiles and intuitive craft to respond to the world it must answer to and which inflects its thinking, language choices and physical stance... A stylish, prov....(read more)


Selected Publications and Papers Delivered


The Value of Poetry (Cambridge UP, 2020)

The Cambridge Introduction to British Poetry, 1945-2010 (Cambridge UP, 2015)

Continuity and Change in Irish Poetry, 1966-2010 (Cambridge UP, 2012 [paperback, 2019])

Edited Collection

Irish Literature in Transition, Volume VI: 1980-2020, co-edited with Paige Reynolds (Cambridge UP, 2020)


“Poetry and Place”, in A History of Irish Literature and the Environment, edited by Malcolm Sen (Cambridge UP, 2022)

“Modern Irish Poetry and the Heresy of Modernism”, in The Edinburgh Companion to Irish Modernism (Edinburgh UP, 2021)

“‘Image of Something Without Images’: Seeing Poems in The Face of the Earth", Review of Irish Studies in Europe (2021)

“Lyric Narratives: The Experimental Aesthetics of Irish Poetry,” in the Routledge Handbook of Irish Studies (Routledge, 2021)

“Maurice Scully’s Several Dances and the Play of Genre”, in A Line of Tiny Zeros in the Fabric: Essays on the Poetry of Maurice Scully (Shearsman Books, 2020)

“Northern Irish Poetry”, in The New Irish Studies: Twenty-First-Century Critical Revisions (Cambridge UP, 2020)

“Rethinking Form (Yet Again) in Contemporary Irish Poetry”, in the Irish University Review (Summer 2020)

“The Problems of Lateness” [review of Ann Keniston's Ghostly Figures: Memory and Belatedness in Postwar American Poetry], in Twentieth Century Literature (volume 63.1, Spring 2017)

“Contemporary Irish Poetry and the Problem of the Subject”, in Post-Ireland? Essays on Contemporary Irish Poetry (Wake Forest UP, 2017)

“Beyond All That Fiddle”, in The Cambridge Companion to British Poetry, 1945-2010 (Cambridge UP, 2015)

“Stony Limits: Modernist Peripheries”, in the Cambridge History of Modernist Poetry (Cambridge UP, 2015)

“Joinery: Trevor Joyce’s Lattice Poems”, in Essays on the Poetry of Trevor Joyce (Shearsman Books, 2015)

“Translation as Collaboration: Ní Dhomhnaill and Muldoon”, in the Oxford Handbook of Modern Irish Poetry (Oxford UP, 2012)

“Reading in the Gutters”, in Modern Irish and Scottish Poetry: Comparative Readings (Cambridge UP, 2011)

“Meehan’s Stanzas and Irish Lyric After Yeats”, in An Sionnach: A Journal of Literature, Culture, and the Arts (Spring/Summer 2009)

“Space, Place and Landscape”, in the Blackwell Companion to Contemporary British and Irish Poetry (Wiley-Blackwell, 2009)

Current Research

I am currently working on Poetry and the Problem of Music.

English Department Classes
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