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Thomas Farber

Thomas Farber

Senior Lecturer

Wheeler Hall, room 476
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Professional Statement

Besides my books—short fiction, novels, creative nonfiction, the epigrammatic, and screenplays—I'm Editor-in-Chief of El Leon Literary Arts, an independent nonprofit press ( with 40 titles thus far, two by former students in this department.


CV:   tf_cv_pdf2022.pdf

Acting My Age
Acting My Age

In Acting My Age, Thomas Farber gives us an unflinching, luminous, cleverly conceived meditation on his own mortality as well as on the extinction of the coral reefs, snow leopards, dolphins, and, ultimately the human species. Couching his observatio....(read more)

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Here and Gone

Turning seventy, author Thomas Farber appraises the writing life, aging, love, his own fate, and ours.   Thomas Farber's writing has always been characterized by the tension between the concision of its execution and the immensity of its concerns. H....(read more)

Foregone Conclusions: Equivoques, Aperçus, Spars & Catarrhs
Foregone Conclusions: Equivoques, Aperçus, Spars & Catarrhs

Epigram: a terse observation aspiring to the universal and irreducible. Generally about human foible or fate. Relies on paradox, hyperbole, or wordplay to compel a flash of recognition. Kissing cousin of axioms, parables, maxims, apothegms, and Zen ....(read more)


Selected Publications and Papers Delivered


Acting My Age (University of Hawai’i Press, 2021)

Here and Gone (Andrea Young Arts, Manoa Books, 2015)

Brief Nudity (Manoa Books, 2009)

A Lover's Quarrel (Creative Arts, 2003, Ellsberg Books 2007)

The Face of the Deep (Mercury House, 1998)
On Water (Ecco Press, 1994)

Compared to What? (Norton, 1988)

Too Soon To Tell (Ten Mile River, 1981)

Tales for the Son of My Unborn Child (Dutton, 1971, Pocket Books 1972)


The Beholder (Metropolitan/Holt, 2002, Picador, 2003, Editions Gallimard, 2010)

A Lover's Question: Selected Stories (Creative Arts, 2000, Ellsberg Books 2007)

Learning to Love It (Capra, 1993)

Curves of Pursuit (Putnam's, 1984, Avon1986, Editions Gallimard 1987)

Hazards to the Human Heart (Dutton, 1980, Creative Arts 1981)

Who Wrote the Book of Love? (Norton, Avon1977, Creative Arts 1981)


--Epigrams and essays on the epigrammatic:

The End of My Wits (Andrea Young Arts, 2013)

Foregone Conclusions (Andrea Young Arts, 2011)

Hesitation Marks (Andrea Young Arts, 2010)

The Twoness of Oneness (Andrea Young Arts, 2009)

Truth be Told: New and Collected Premortems (Hip Pocket Press, 2005)

Compressions (Serendipity Books, '98)

The Price of the Ride (Donald S. Ellis, '96)

--Text for photographs:

Akule (w/Wayne Levin) Editions Limited, 2011

Other Oceans (w/Wayne Levin) University of Hawaii Press, 2001

Through a Liquid Mirror (w/Wayne Levin) Editions Limited, 1997

Rag Theatre (w/ Nacio Brown) Great Star, 1975



Current Research

Writing memoir, the epigrammatic, and nonfiction about both the environment and aging. Moving along from Acting My Age (2021). 

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