Berkeley English Lecturers and Postdocs

Blake M. Hausman

Blake M. Hausman

Gray Lecturer

442 Wheeler
Tu 3:30 - 4:30; Th 1 - 2; and by appt.

Selected Publications and Papers Delivered


Becoming Joaquin Murrieta: John Rollin Ridge and the Making of an Icon.  Doctoral Dissertation.  UC Berkeley.  2011.

Riding the Trail of Tears.  Bison Books: University of Nebraska Press.  2011.  Novel.

“Alexie’s Nutshell: Mousetraps and Interpenetrations of The Business of Fancydancing and Hamlet.”  Studies in American Indian Literatures.  Spring 2010, 22:1.  Essay.

“Demanding Exile.”  Fiction International. Issue 41.  2008.  Short Story.

“Widening the Circle: Collaborative Reading with Louis Owens’s novel, Wolfsong,”co-authored with John Purdy.  Studies in American Indian Literatures.  Winter 2005, 17:4.  Essay and Collaborative Pedagogical Project.

“The Future of Print Narratives and Comic Holotropes: A Conversation with Gerald Vizenor,” co-authored with John Purdy. American Indian Quarterly.  Winter/Spring 2005, 29:1-2.  Interview.

“Notes from the Melting Pot: 463 Years After Cherokees Met Desoto.”  American Indian Quarterly.  Winter/Spring 2004, 27.1.  Essay.

“A Conversation with Simon Ortiz,” co-authored with John Purdy.  Studies in American Indian Literatures.  Winter 2001, 12.4.  Interview.


“Yellow Bird's California: Mapping the Physical Boundaries and Cultural Intersections of the 1850's in Joaquin Murieta.”  California American Studies Association.  Santa Barbara, CA.  April 10, 2009.

“Probing the Boundaries of American Indian Literary Nationalism: Joaquin Murieta as Case Study.”  Bay Area Native American Research Conference.  Stanford, CA. March 7, 2009

“Manifest Dead: Western Expansion Revisited in Jim Jarmusch’s Dead Man.”  Modern Language Association, 124th Annual Convention.  San Francisco, CA.  December 29, 2008.

“Indigeneity in Transition: Representations of Cherokees and California Indians in Joaquin Murieta.”  American Literature Association, 19th Annual Conference.  San Francisco, CA.  May 22, 2008.

“Restringing Yellow Bird’s ‘Harp of Broken Strings’: The Tricky Business of Reclaiming John Rollin Ridge as the First American Indian novelist.”  New Voices of Indigenous Research Conference.  Berkeley, CA.   March 9, 2006.

“Tone: Teaching Composition through Music.” Two-Year College Association: Pacific Northwest Conference, Whatcom Community College.  Bellingham, WA. October 26, 2002.

Current Research

My currently research projects focus on literatures of the West Coast and Native American science fiction.  I am also working on a essay that explores tensions between Cherokee intellectual traditions and political centralization. 


English Department Classes

No recent courses taught.