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Bradford Alden Taylor

Bradford Alden Taylor
Office Hours: M 11:30-1:30 and by appointment

Selected Publications and Papers Delivered

Conference Papers:

Refraining to Catastrophe in Ford and Hegel ACLA 2012

Refraining from Catastrophe Narrative 2012

Indeterminate Life: Yet Another Version of Pastoral  ACLA 2011

From "Diffusive Sympathy" to "Separateness with Communication" : Narrative and the Limits of Sympathy in Daniel Deronda  Berkeley-Stanford Conference 2010

"Are we in life now? What is Art?" The Autonomous Artist and the Problem of Reading Tarr  McGill Graduate Student Conferece 2010


Invited Lectures

The Work of a Disordered Mind: The Nausicaa Episode English 126, Fall 2011

Current Research

aesthetics and food from Hume to Adorno

auratic gastronomy in Benajmin

physiologies of style in Proust

creative sustenance in Joyce and Beckett


English Department Classes

No recent courses taught.