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Rasheed Tazudeen

Rasheed Tazudeen

Selected Publications and Papers Delivered


“ ‘Discordant Syllabling’: The Language of the Living World in Virginia Woolf’s Between the Acts,” forthcoming in Studies in the Novel, 47.4 (Winter 2015)

“ 'Eat it and get all Pigsticky': The Spinozist Body and Contagious Metaphor in ‘Circe,’ ” forthcoming in The James Joyce Quarterly.

“Immanent Metaphor, Branching Form(s), and the Unmaking of the Human in Alice and The Origin of Species,” Victorian Literature and Culture 45.3 (Fall 2015): 533-557.  Available on CJO2015. doi:10.1017/S1060150315000066.

Conference Presentations:

“Attunement to the Object in Ulysses.”  Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands. International James Joyce Symposium.   June 2014.

“Object-Oriented Ontology and Environmental Studies.”  Stanford University. Environment // Animal: A Multidisciplinary Conference.  May 2014.

“Life’s 'Discordant Syllabling' in Woolf’s Between the Acts.”  New York University.  American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA) conference.  March 2014.

“Posthumanist Nonsense: Darwin, Carroll, and the Writing of Immanence.”  University of Toronto.  American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA) conference.  April 2013

“The Spinozist Body and Contagious Metaphor in ‘Circe’ ” and "Joyce and Posthumanism" (as member of "The Future of Joyce Studies" roundtable).  University College Dublin and Trinity College Dublin.  International James Joyce Symposium in Dublin, Ireland.  June 2012. 

“Gesture, Monstration, and Anti-Narrativity in Lawrence's St. Mawr.”  University of California, Berkeley.  Student-Faculty Colloquium on D.H. Lawrence.  April 2011.                                                    

Current Research

Animal Studies, Environmental Aesthetics, Vitalism, New Materialism, Object-Oriented Ontology

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