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Luke Terlaak Poot

Luke Terlaak Poot


Selected Publications and Papers Delivered


“On Cliffhangers” Narrative 24.1 (January 2016): 50-67.

“Narratology, In and Out of Order. Raphaël Baroni and Françoise Revaz Present Essays on Narrative Sequence,” [Review of Raphaël Baroni / Françoise Revaz (Eds.): Narrative Sequence in Contemporary Narratology. Columbus, OH 2016]”. In DIEGESIS 5.2 (2016).

“Narrative forms of action and the dangers of ‘derivations’ in narratology,” Enthymema, 14 (2016). Translation of Raphaël Baroni, “Formes narratives de l’action et dangers de derives en narratologie,” Semiotica 157-1/4 (2005): 49-64.

Works Presented at Conferences

“Implied Emotion: Narrative and the Paradox of Suspense” - ISSN (Summer 2016)

“‘The world turned upside down’: Hardy’s Romance in Geologic Time” - NAVSA (Summer 2015)

“’the astonishment and conjectures of my audience’: Walter Scott’s Cliffhanger and the Re-organization of Narrative Discourse” - NASSR (Summer 2014)

“The Cliffhanger in Nineteenth Century British Fiction - ISSN (Summer 2013)

“Reading Frankenstein’s Anachronisms” - Chapter and Verse: Structures of Reading (Fall 2011)



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