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Alba Tomasula y Garcia

Alba Tomasula y Garcia

Caffe Strada
T-Thurs. 12-1 PM

Professional Statement

Within the more general specialty of American literature of the 20th and 21st centuries, my work is primary focused on animal narratives (in both their fictional and nonfictional forms) and their integral place in the tangle of humans, animals, ideologies, and technologies that shaped lived experience. 

Selected Publications and Papers Delivered

“Gorillas in the Mind: The Construction of a Great Ape” in Western Humanities Review, Summer 2018, Vol. 72.2. Salt Lake City, UT.  


 “Between Possessions and Persons: The Mechanization of Animals, the Animalization of Machines” in Western Humanities Review, Spring 2016, Volume 70.1. Salt Lake City, UT.  


 “The Lions of Tsavo: Man-Made Man-Eaters” in Western Humanities Review, Winter 2014, Vol. 68.1. Salt Lake City, UT.

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