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Alex Ullman

Alex Ullman

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Professional Statement


Twentieth and Twenty-first Century American Literature and Culture; American Studies; Queer Theory; Performance Studies; Comparative Diaspora Studies

Selected Publications and Papers Delivered


“The Poetics of Conversation: Adrienne Rich and Audre Lorde’s Uses of Voice.” American Studies Association Annual Conference: Creativity within Revolt, October 2021. ​

"On Listening to Adrienne Rich." Center for Jewish Studies Graduate Symposium, Berkeley, CA, March 2021.

"Hearing 'Jewish Voice' in Grace Paley's Readings." Jewish American and Holocaust Literature Symposium, Miami, FL, November 2019.

"'Could one not get the waves to be heard all the way through?': Close Listening to Virginia Woolf's The Waves." Sound Waves: Resonances of Virginia Woolf, Berkeley, California, October 2019.

“‘Ithaca’ as Diasporic Narrative Ethics.” North American James Joyce Symposium, Mexico City, Mexico, June 2019.

“(Against) Encyclopedic Failure: Polyvocality, Futurity, and Empathy in David Grossman’s See Under: Love.” Jewish American and Holocaust Literature Symposium, Miami, FL, November, 2018.

“I live in America, I don't have to love it: Belize's Ambivalence to Impossibility in Angels in America.” Princeton Graduate Conference: "Contemporary Cultures of Black Impossibility,” Princeton, NJ, October, 2018. Coauthored with Jared Robinson.

“A Tradition of Free and Odious Utterance: Free Speech and Sacred Utterance in Steve Waters’ Temple.” CUNY English Student Association Graduate Conference: “Breaking Through: Textures and Aesthetics of Rupture,” New York, NY, March, 2018. Coauthored with Gabriel Mindel. 

 “The Sense of Dialogue in Heidegger and Plato.” Northeast Modern Language Association Annual Convention, Baltimore, MD, March, 2017.

 “Neo-liberalism, The Media, and the Ontogenesis of Fear in Héctor Tobar’s The Barbarian Nurseries.” International Association of Inter-American Studies Conference, Santa Barbara, CA, October, 2016.                                   

 “The Sound of  (non-sensical) Translation in Late Joyce and Zukofsky.” Berkeley-Stanford Annual Graduate Student Conference, Berkeley, CA, April 2016.



             “Audre Lorde’s Prophetic Voice: A Performance History, 1972-1992,” (under review at PMLA)

A Tradition of Free and Odious Utterance: Free Speech and Sacred Utterance in Steve Waters’ Temple.” Sounding Out!, April 2018. Coauthored with Gabriel Mindel.

"The Sound of Translation: Joyce, the Zukofskys, and Liturgical piyutim.” Partial Answers: Journal of Literature and the History of Ideas  16.1 (January 2018): 43-64. 

Book Chapters

The Ontogenesis of Fear in Héctor Tobar’s The Barbarian Nurseries.” Human Rights in the Americas, ed. by María Herrera-Sobek, Francisco A. Lomelí, Luz Angélica Kirschner (London: Routledge, 2021): 196-208.


            “The Haunting Ventriloquism of Dana H. Asks Us to Listen Differently,” KQED (2022).

            “Bobby McFerrin’s ‘Circlesongs’ and the Politics of Play,” KQED (2022).

            “In Otto Frank, Roger Guenveur Smith Compares the Incomparable,” KQED (2022).

Review of Gerald Shea, The Language of Light. MAKE Literary Magazine (posted March 2020).

Review of Alain Corbin, A History of Silence: From the Renaissance to the Present Day. MAKE Literary Magazine (posted August 2019).

Archival Records

Guide to the Shakespeare Santa Cruz Records UA.041. 2017.” Alexander Ullman, Alix Norton, Megan Martenyi, LuLing Osofsky, Maureen Carey. University Archives, University Library, University of California, Santa Cruz.


“Between Text and Audiobook: Translating Silence in Jonathan Safran-Foer’s Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close.” Digital Humanities Summer Institute, Sound and the Digital Humanities Workshop with John Barber, Victoria, BC, June 2019.

“Encyclopedic Failure: Polyvocality and Futurity in David Grossman’s See Under: Love.”  Novel Theory: Society for Novel Studies Conference, Graduate Workshop with Rebecca Walkowitz, Ithaca, NY, May 2018. 

“The Remembering of Air in Modernist Poetics: Khlebnikov’s ‘A Cliff out of the Future.’” Modernist Studies Association Conference, Poetics of Information Exchange Seminar with Marjorie Perloff, Pasadena, CA, November 2016. 

“The Soundscape of Chaucer’s ‘The Miller’s Tale.’” Introduction to the British Canon, University of California Santa Cruz,  Santa Cruz, CA, October 2016.



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