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최 Lindsay  ||  Lindsay Chloe Choi

최 Lindsay || Lindsay Chloe Choi

331 Wheeler
Weds. 12:30-2:30 PM

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Selected Publications and Papers Delivered

Transverse (Futurepoem 2021), poetry book


Papers Delivered:

" '핫슈 먹은 듯 취해 나자빠진 능구렝이 같은': Tracing Environmental Pharmaka." Pharmakon Symposium, New York University. May 2019. On Modernist Korean poet 서정주 (Seo Jeong-Joo), Japan's opium empire, and ways of thinking of the contemporary environmental and medical problem of PPCP (pharmaceutical and personal care product) pollution in marine areas near wastewater processing plants under the conditions of capitalist modernity.

" 'I do not remember this day': On everyday loss and hermeneutic experience." UCLA Southland Conference, University of California - Los Angeles. May 2019. On the ellipses in Dorothy Wordsworth's Alfoxden Journals, situated with critique's relationship to paradigms of experientiality. 

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