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Hannah Zeavin


443 Wheeler Hall


Professional Statement

Hannah Zeavin received her Ph.D. from the Department of Media, Culture, and Communication at NYU in 2018. She works as a media historian and theorist. Her book project, Within Without: Therapy at Distance, is a transnational social history of therapies deployed beyond the classic consulting room. Starting with a reading of epistolary conventions and Freud’s treatments-by-mail, her book shows that tele-therapy, far from being a recent invention, is at least as old as psychoanalysis itself. Subsequent chapters demonstrate that psychotherapy has always operated through multiple communication technologies and media, including the letter, newspaper columns, radio broadcasts, crisis hotlines, the earliest mainframe networks, home computing, and now mobile phones. She has served as the Managing Editor of Catalyst: Feminism, Theory, and Technoscience, and the Assistant Editor of Public Culture and Public Books.  

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