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Joanna M Picciotto

Associate Professor

Wheeler Hall, room 233
On sabbatical 2022-23.

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Devotion and Intellectual Labor

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Labors of Innocence in Early Modern England
Labors of Innocence in Early Modern England

17th-century intellectuals discovered their idealized self-image in the Adam who investigated, named, and commanded the creatures in Eden.  Reinvented as the agent of innocent curiosity, Adam was central to the project of redefining contemplation as....(read more)

Selected Publications and Papers Delivered

Labors of Innocence in Early Modern England (Harvard University Press, 2010)

Editor of “Devotion and Intellectual Labor,” a special issue of The Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies 44.1 (2014)  


"Truth-Telling, Mass Media, and the Poet's Office," English Literary History 87(2) Summer 2020

"Experimenting with other People" in Nature and Value, ed. Akeel Bilgrami (Columbia University Press, 2020)

“The Toleration of Enthusiasts” in Imagining Religious Toleration: A Literary History of an Idea, 1600-1800, ed. David Alvarez and Alison Conway (University of Toronto Press, 2019)

“The Republic of Letters and the Commonwealth of Learning,” in A Handbook of English Renaissance Studies, ed. John Lee, (Wiley, 2017)

“Implicit Faith and Reformations of Habit,” The Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies 46.3 (2016)

“Milton and the People,” in Milton in the Long Restoration, ed. Ann Baynes Coiro and Blair Hoxby, Oxford University Press (July 2016)

“Circumstantial Particulars, Particular Individuals, and Defoe,” in Reflections on Sentiment: Essays in Honor of George Starr, ed. Alessa Johns, University of Delaware Press, 2016

“Reforming the Garden: The Experimentalist Eden and Paradise Lost,” English Literary History 72 (1), Spring 2005 (winner of the James Holly Hanford Prize for Best Article of the Year from the Milton Society of America)

"Scientific Investigations" in A Concise Companion to Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature, ed. Cynthia Wall (Oxford: Blackwell, 2004)

"Optical Instruments and the 18th-century Observer," Eighteenth-Century Studies 29 2000


Kathleen Crowther, Adam and Eve in the Protestant Reformation in Early Science andMedicine19.4 (2014): 369-372

“Early Modern Facts and Fictions” (review essay) in Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences 44.2 (2014): 178-186

Joad Raymond, Milton’s Angels: The Early Modern Imagination in Church History 8:4 (2011): 927

“Investigating Early Modern Curiosity” (review essay) Clio 31.4 (2002): 423-35

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