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Jose David Saldivar


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Professional Statement
Class of 1942 Professor. Yale University BA, 1977; MA, PhD in English (Comparative Literature minor), Stanford University, 1983. My teaching and research focus on the areas of literary and cultural studies, the history of the American ethnic novel, trans-American subaltern studies, and Chicano/a Studies.

My essays have appeared in American Literary History, Cultural Studies, Daedalus, Nepantla, Revista Casa de las Americas, The Americas Review, Modern Fiction Studies, and other journals.

I have served on the Editorial Boards of Duke University Press, the University of California Press, and Revista Chicano-Riquena, and I am currently on the Editorial Boards of the scholarly journals, American Literary History, ECHO: A Music-Centered Journal, Worlds and Knowledges Otherwise, and The Global South.

The Dialectics of Our America: Genealogy, Cultural Critique, and Literary History, a study of the trans-American novel, appeared from Duke University Press in 1991. Border Matters: Remapping American Cultural Studies, a history of the development of US-Mexican border thinking and cultural studies, appeared from the University of California Press in 1997. I also edited The Rolando Hinojosa Reader (Arte Publico Press, 1985), and co-edited Criticism in the Borderlands: Studies in Chicano Literature, Culture, and Ideology (Duke University Press, 1991).

I am the recipient of a University of California President's Research Fellowship in the Humanities, a William Rice Kimball Fellowship (Stanford Humanities Center), an American Council of Learned Societies Fellowship for Study in Modern Society and Values, a Ford Foundation Postdoctoral fellowship for Minorities, and a fellowship to The School of Criticism and Theory at Dartmouth College. In 2007, I received the Sarlo Distinguished Graduate Student Mentoring Award from UC, Berkeley, and in 2005 I received the Chicano Scholar of the Year Award from the Modern Language Association.

Selected Publications and Papers Delivered

Border Matters: Remapping American Cultural Studies, Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1997.

The Dialectics of Our America: Genealogy, Literary History, and Cultural Critique, Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 1991, 1995, and 2002.

Criticism in the Borderlands: Studies in Chicano Literature, Culture, and Ideology, Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 1991, 1994, 2003.

The Rolando Hinojosa Reader: Essays Historical and Critical, Houston: Arte Publico Press, 1985.

"Los orígenes transnacionales de la literatura chicana: el itinerario de Américo Paredes en Asia y el Pacífico," Revista Casa de las Américas 252 (julio-septiembre) 2008: 76-83.

"Making Democracy Surreal: Political Race and the Miner's Canary," American Literary History (ALH) Fall 2008, 609-621.

The Hybridity of Culture in Arturo Islas’ The Rain God,” in Critical Mappings of Arturo Islas’ Fictions, ed. Frederick Luis Aldama (Tempe: Bilingual Press, 2008): 21-38. 

“Unsettling Race, Coloniality, and Caste in Anzaldúa’s Borderlands/La Frontera, Martinez’s Parrot in the Oven, and Roy’s The God of Small Things,” Cultural Studies 21/3-4 (March/May 2007): 339-367.

"In Search of the Mexican Elvis: Border Matters, Americanity, and Post-State-centric Thinking." Modern Fiction Studies, 49/1, 2003: 84-100.

"On the Bad Edge of La Frontera," Decolonial Voices: Chicana and Chicano Cultural Studies in the 21st Century, ed. Arturo Aldama, Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2002: 262-296.

"Migratory Locations: Subaltern Modernity and Inter-American Cultural Criticism," Foreword to Julio Ramos' Divergent Modernities: Culture and Politics in Nineteenth-Century Latin America, Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2001: xi-xxxiv.

"Looking Awry at 1898: Roosevelt, Montejo, and Paredes," American Literary History, 12/3 2000: 386-406.

"Las fronteras de Nuestra America: para volver a trazar el mapa de los Estudios Culturales Norteamericanos," Revista Casa de las Americas, 37/204 (julio-septiembre), 1996: 3-19.

"The Limits of Cultural Studies," The American Literary History Reader, ed. Gordon Hutner New York: Oxford University Press, 1995: 188-203.

Current Research
Presently, I am working on a book provisionally entitled Transnational Americanity: Subaltern Modernities, Global Coloniality, and the Cultures of Greater Mexico.

English Department Classes

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