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Leslie S Jacoby

Leslie S Jacoby


Professional Statement

My passion and area of expertise is medieval falconry literature, with a specific focus on the transliteration, transcription, and translation of several key Arabic, Latin, and French falconry and venery treatises dating from the ninth century to fifteenth century. My expertise includes manuscript and paleography studies, especially the scholarly research needed to bring to life medieval manuscripts heretofore unknown because they have not been transcribed or translated.  

Leslie Jacoby earned her B.A. from U.C., San Diego, her M.A. and M.F.A. from San José State University, and her Ph.D. from the School of Modern Languages and Cultures at University of Glasgow.

Selected Publications and Papers Delivered

“The Art of a Digitized Falconry Archive: How Using AI Can Discover the Latin and Arabic Origins of a Falconry Literary Heritage”, Panel on “Forensic Manuscript Studies, Yale Medieval Studies Program, Western Michigan University, 57th International Congress on Medieval Studies, May 9-14 2022 

Stirling Maxwell Lecture Series: “A Bird on the Glove: The Technical Relevance of Image and Text in L’art de Faulconnerie et l’art de vennerie by Guillaume Tardif (GUL, Sp Coll MS Hunter 269 [U.5.9]), Stirling Maxwell Centre, 14 March 2019

“The Art, Science & Natural History of Birds: Avian Treasures Found in the University of Glasgow Library, Special Collections”, Booklet, University of Glasgow/ The Hunterian Public Engagement Event, September 2018

“The Urban Falconer: Raptor-Human Connections (Experiences in Modern and Historic Falconry”, College of Environmental Studies, San José State University, Green Talk Series, 8 March 2017

When a Starling Is Not a Starling: Branwen and Her ederyn drydwen in the Mabinogi”, Celtic Studies Association of North America [CSANA], Vancouver, British Columbia, April 2017

“Branwen and the ederyn drydwen: Narrative Complications in The Mabinogi, U.C., Berkeley Humanities Club, September 2016

“The Triad of Unfortunate Birds: When a Starling Is Not a Starling in The Mabinogi”, Concordia University, Concordia Irish Society, January 2016

“A Bird in the Hand: A Comparative Analysis of the Practical Usage of Raptor Traps in the 14th and 21st Centuries, University of Leeds, International Medieval Congress, July 2013

“Welsh Peregrinations: The Value of a Raptor Through the Laws of Hywel Dda”, U.C. Berkeley, 35th California Celtic Conference, March 2013

“Poetic Pleasures in the Art of Falconry: Réalisme in Jean Renart’s L’Escoufle and Fantasme in Chrétien de Troyes’ Yvain or Le chevalier au lion”, University of Leeds, International Medieval Congress, July 2011

“The Perceptions of Medieval Falconry and Its Heritage: Modern Master Falconers Offer a Response” (Western Michigan University, 46th International Congress on Medieval Studies, May 2011

“The Falconry Simile: Literary and Artistic Seeds in Le livre du roi Modus et de la reine Ratio”, University of Leeds, International Medieval Congress, July 2010

“Deduit d’Oisiaus: Medieval Reflections of Lost Pastimes”, Arizona State University, ACMRS, February 2010

“Rackham’s Mesmerizing World of Faërie: Cryptic Visions in Undine and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Pembroke College, Oxford Roundtable, March 2009

Current Research

Current Book Projects

The Art of Falconry and Venery by Guillaume Tardif: Transcription, Translation, and Edition by Leslie S. Jacoby

f = falcon: A Memoir in the Art of Falconry, Mathematics, and Mental Health      

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