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John Shoptaw

John Shoptaw

Continuing Lecturer

Wheeler Hall, room 476
Mondays 4:30-5, Wednesdays 4:30-5, Thursdays 2-4

Professional Statement

For the past several years I have been writing and teaching ecopoetry and ecopoetics.  I am currently exploring the ecopoetics and ecopoetry of climate change.   

Keats:  "The poetry of earth is never dead."

Times Beach
Times Beach

“Times Beach is, like most interesting American books, an original. It’s about a place, the watershed of the Mississippi River, and it is an ecopoetics. Best, perhaps, to think of it as a hybrid of Hart Crane, the depression photographs of Dorothea ....(read more)

On the Outside Looking Out:  John Ashbery's Poetry
On the Outside Looking Out: John Ashbery's Poetry

A study of Ashbery's books of poems from Some Trees through Flow Chart.....(read more)

Selected Publications and Papers Delivered

--"Whoa!" (long poem), Arion:  A Journal of Humanities and the Classics (Spring/Summer 2019)

--"A Tree's Shade Speaks of its Shadow" (poem), Kenyon Review (May/June 2019)

--"Pangolin Scales" (poem), Republic of Apples, Democracy of Oranges:  New Eco-poetry from China and the United States (Manoa Journal, 2019)

--"Round County Almanac" (poem), The Wallace Stevens Journal (Spring 2019)

--"A Climate-Changed Ecopoetics":  Nature and Lyric in the Anthropocene (Conference in Trier, Germany, March 2019)

--"Near-Earth Object" (poem) (2019): 

on the poem:

--"Why Ecopoetry?" Poetry Magazine(Jan 2016)

 --"Least Concern" (poem) Poetry Magazine (September 2016)

--"Dickinson's Civil War Poetics" The Emily Dickinson Journal (2010)

--"Listening to Dickinson" Representations 86 (Spring 2004)

--"Lyric Cryptography" Poetics Today 21 (2000)


Current Research

Near-Earth Object, a new book of ecopoems.

English Department Classes