Undergraduate Major and Minor Advisors


Chloe Keller

Go to CalCentral to schedule an appointment with me! Note: Monday & Tuesdays are in-person or remote option.

Chloe is the primary Undergraduate Advisor for new and continuing majors.

  • Her Zoom drop-in hours are Wednesdays from 11-noon for quick questions. Zoom Link: https://berkeley.zoom.us/j/94184858922

Emily Grace Cardoza

Go to CalCentral to schedule an appointment with me!

Emily is an Undergraduate Advisor and manages enrollment and curriculum for the English Department. 


The Major Advisors above, Emily Cardoza and Chloe Keller, are here to guide you on the requirements of the English major and most guidelines or details having to do with satisfying the major or the minor. They can help you with many issues, such as declaring the major officially; requirements both in the department and in the College of Letters and Sciences; questions about articulation; transferring courses from other departments or schools; deadlines and schedules, etc.

In addition, beginning in the Fall of 2021, all newly declared majors will be assigned their own Faculty Advisor. These faculty members are here for you as intellectual mentors. While they cannot assist you with the technical and administrative details about declaring and fulfilling the major and minor, they are eager to welcome you to the department and to serve as mentors for your first year, until you know Berkeley better. The kinds of matters that you might discuss with your Faculty Advisor might include your intellectual interests, classes that might satisfy those interests, your academic choices more generally, and possible study after college. And more!

Emily and Chloe will let you know who your mentor is when you declare. Students are then strongly encouraged to reach out to their faculty advisors and to stop by their regularly-scheduled hours.

All majors, regardless of when they have declared, are also welcome to contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Kevis Goodman.