Undergraduate Major and Minor Advisors


The Major Advisors, Chloe Vreeland and Jacki Valadez, are here to guide you on the requirements of the English major and most guidelines or details having to do with satisfying the major or the minor. They can help you with many issues, such as declaring the major officially; major requirements; questions about articulation; transferring courses from other departments or schools; deadlines and schedules, etc.

Chloe Keller is the primary Undergraduate Advisor for new and continuing majors. Jacki Valadez is an Undergraduate Major Advisor who also manages enrollment for the English Department.


Chloe Vreeland


Schedule appointments on CalCentral! Not sure how? Click here. 

  • For Wednesday & Thursday scheduled appointments, you can choose to attend in-person (Wheeler 319) or zoom (linked here). By default, CalCentral schedules all appointments zoom only.
  • All other days are zoom only (linked here).







Jacki Valadez

Jacki Valadez



Schedule appointments on CalCentral:

  • For Tuesday scheduled appointments, you can chooose to attend in person (Wheeler 319) or via Zoom. 
  • Wednesday and Thursday scheduled appointments only take place via Zoom. 


  • Tuesdays 3:00-3:45 pm in person (Wheeler 319)  
  • Fridays 1:30-2:00 pm via Zoom





Peer Advisors

Peer Advisors share their knowledge of and experiences with English major courses, extracurriculars and student groups and campus resources. For specific degree requirements/degree checks, please book an appointment with Chloe or Jacki. Peer Advisors are unavailable during campus official holidays/breaks. Peer Advisors are available for more general questions.

Anna Fetherston





Nathaniel Davila



Topics you can get help with through Peer Advising?

Faculty Mentor

Newly declared majors can sign up for their own Faculty Advisor! These faculty members are here for you as intellectual mentors. While they cannot assist you with the technical and administrative details about declaring and fulfilling the major and minor, they are eager to welcome you to the department and to serve as mentors for your first year, until you know Berkeley better. The kinds of matters that you might discuss with your Faculty Advisor might include your intellectual interests, classes that might satisfy those interests, your academic choices more generally, and possible study after college. And more! Students are then strongly encouraged to reach out to their faculty advisors and to stop by their regularly-scheduled hours.


All majors, regardless of when they have declared or have specific questions, are also welcome to contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Kevis Goodman. Students can drop in on her office hours, email her for an appointment, or ask your question by email.