2020 English Department Spring Commencement Information

DATE: Friday, May 22nd 2020
TIME: 2:00pm
LOCATION: Zellerbach Auditorium
COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER:  Professor Lyn Hejinian
RECEPTION: Lower Sproul Plaza


▼Eligibility and Participation in Commencement
  • Please note: The English Department does not have a rehearsal for Commencement. It will be very helpful to familiarize yourself with the following ceremony details in advance so your commencement can run smoothly. For any questions you might have, please contact Katie Morrison-White at kschramm@berkeley.edu
  • Eligibility for Participation: All graduating students in the academic year 2019-2020 may attend this Spring's Commencement ceremony. This includes all Fall 2019, Spring 2020, and Summer 2020 graduates. Students who plan to graduate in Fall 2020 and would like to participate in this ceremony must meet with the Undergraduate Advisor between April 1st and April 30th. To check which term you are graduating in, please see your Expected Graduation Term in CalCentral. 
▼ Registration for Commencement
  • Undergraduates: To participate in the English Department's Commencement, and to have your name printed in the program, should have RSVP'd by completing the Registration Form, between April 1, 2020 and April 30, 2020. The link to the Registration Form can be found highlighted near the top of this page starting April 1st.  If you don't register before the 4/30/20 deadline but would still like to participate, please contact Katie Schramm (kschramm@berkeley.edu).

    You are welcome to check or edit your registration until April 30th using the registration form link above.

  • Graduating Ph.D. students, or those who have already graduated, and intend to participate in the English Department’s commencement, students should have RSVP'd by completing the Registration Form, between April 1, 2020 and April 30, 2020. If you don't register before the 4/30/20 deadline but would still like to participate, please contact Ken Mahru (kenmahru@berkeley.edu).

▼ Admission to the Commencement Ceremony for Graduates
  • Admission to the ceremony will be by ticket only.  Each attendee must have a ticket to be admitted to commencement, including children.  Graduates dressed in cap and gown do not need tickets.
  • Graduating students who have registered to participate in Commencement will be given two (2) free tickets which may be obtained from the English Department Office (Wheeler 319) starting May 1st. The office is open from 10-12 and 1-4, Monday through Friday.
  • Please note that the tickets must be picked up during regular business hours: 10 AM-12pm and 1-4 PM Monday through Friday.
▼ Additional Tickets
  • You, your family, and friends may purchase a limited number of additional tickets at $12 ($10 with a $2 service fee) each - we will be updating this section with more information on how to purchase tickets during the Spring 2020 semester. 
▼ Cap and Gown information
  • More to come
▼ Photography information

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GradImages is the official commencement photographer for our department. Your proofs will be ready to view online as soon as 48 hours of the ceremony. In order to notify you when your images are available, GradImages sends emails and mails paper proofs, along with optional text message notifications. Your information is never shared and privacy is guaranteed. Pre-registering is simply a way to make sure your contact information is up-to-date with GradImages, so they can provide your complimentary proofs as quickly as possible. Although there's never any obligation to order, you'll save $5 off any order of $25 or more for your participation. To pre-register for your commencement proofs, please visit https://www.gradimages.com/Preregistration/Register?ClientID=1034&OccasionRef=130156

▼ Graduating with Department Honors
  • Honors in English is granted upon the successful completion of the Honors Course, English H195A/B. All students graduating with honors in the English major may purchase Honors Cords to wear at the commencement ceremony. The Gift & Apparel section of the ASUC will have a list of all students in English H195B, Spring '20 as eligible for purchasing an Honors Cord.

    Honors distinction is marked in the commencement program.
▼ Commencement Student Speeches
  • If you are interested in delivering a student speech at the English Department's Commencement ceremony this year, please submit a proposed speech between April 1st and 30th to 319 Wheeler Hall, in the black drop box. Submissions must be typed, double-spaced, and no longer than four pages.
▼ Diploma Information
  • Diplomas are generally available about four months after your graduation date from the Office of the Registrar (120 Sproul Hall, 643-7490), or you can have it mailed to you. For more information, please visit the Office of the Registrar.

    If you need proof of completing your degree before the Registrar has processed your diploma, you may obtain a Certificate of Completion from them. More information regarding the Certificate of Completion is available on the Registrar's web site.

▼ Accommodations and Venue Information
▼ University-wide spring and fall commencements
  • Students who complete their degree in the fall may choose to attend the December university-wide commencement in place of, or in addition to the Spring English Department Commencement.
  • There is also a spring university-wide commencement for those who complete their degree requirements in the spring. For more information regarding the University-wide Commencement, you may
    • 1) Contact University Relations at 510-642-1212, or
    • 2) Visit their website at https://commencement.berkeley.edu/

Information for the Day of Commencement

DATE: Friday, May 22 2020
TIME: 2:00pm
LOCATION: Zellerbach Auditorium
GATES OPEN: 1:00pm


Coming soon. 


Coming soon.