Overview Of The Major

The Department of English offers courses in literature, in language, and in writing. Our courses in literature have many different focuses: major authors, historical periods, genres, critical theories and methods, as well as cultural and multicultural studies. Courses in language offer instruction in both the history and the structure of the English language. Writing courses offer training in both expository and creative writing.

The major in English is designed to introduce students to the history of literature written in English, to acquaint them with a variety of historical periods and geographical and cultural regions of English language and writing, to create an awareness of methods and theories of literary and cultural analysis, and to provide continued training in critical writing.

The core of the major consists of six courses: English 45A-45B-45C, a course in Shakespeare, an upper-division course in literature before 1800, and one upper-division seminar, either English 190 or H195A/B. English 45A-45B-45C is an intensive survey of literature in English from Chaucer through the 20th century, including British, American, and Anglophone writing. Together with the required course in Shakespeare, this sequence provides a foundation on which to build more specialized upper-division course work.

To be eligible to declare the major, students must have completed at least 30 units, the L&S Reading and Composition requirement, and two major requirements: English 45A or 45B, and one of the following: English 45A, 45B, 45C, or Shakespeare.

Please see the current requirements for details.

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