The English Minor

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The Minor in English


1) In order to complete the English minor, students will take 5 upper-division English Department literature courses for a letter grade.

Several conditions and restrictions apply to the counting of courses to the minor:

From other Departments on Campus:  Students will submit a Petition for Approval of a Course Taken Outside the Department.  The student’s request for course approval will include a course syllabus and a compelling intellectual rationale, one that explains how the student’s work for the English minor will be enriched through the inclusion of the particular outside course the student wishes to include.  There is no pre-approved list of courses. For possible courses outside English, consult the listings for Anthropology, Celtic Studies, Classics, Comparative Literature, Ethnic Studies, History, Linguistics, Philosophy, Rhetoric, Women’s Studies, etc. 

From other Academic Institutions:  Students will print out a course syllabus for each class and a transcript showing the completion of these courses and bring it to an English major adviser for review. 

From Education Abroad Programs:  A Faculty Major Adviser determines credit toward the minor for coursework completed through an Education Abroad Program on a case-by-case basis.  Students must meet with a faculty adviser once they return to UCB and provide documentation (e.g., course descriptions, syllabi, completed exams, papers, and other written work) to demonstrate that the education abroad course is comparable in coverage, rigor, and substance to a UCB upper-division course. Only 1 summer EAP course can count towards the minor. 

2) After completing the five courses or during their final semester at UC Berkeley, students should complete the Completion of the L&S Minor petition, have it reviewed by their major adviser and turn it in the English department.

English majors may not complete a minor in the English Department.