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John Bishop

John Bishop


Professional Statement

A.B. Cornell University, 1970. Ph.D. Stanford University, 1981.Trustee, International James Joyce Foundation, 1999-2004.

Selected Publications and Papers Delivered

Joyce’s Book of the Dark: Finnegans Wake. Madison: U of Wisconsin P, 1986.

“Vico and Joyce and Joyce Scholarship.” New Vico Studies. 6 (1988): 132-42.

Let Me Be Los: Codebook for Finnegans Wake.” James Joyce Quarterly 26 (1989): 456-59.

“The Identity of the Dreamer.” Critical Essays on James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake. Ed. Patrick A. McCarthy. New York: G.K. Hall, 1992. 143-65.

“Vico’s ‘Night of Darkness’: The New Science and Finnegans Wake.” James Joyce: A Collection of Critical Essays. Ed. Mary T. Reynolds. Englewood Cliffs: Prentice Hall, 1993. 180-95.

“Reading Finnegans Wake ‘In Context.’ ” A Collideorscape of Joyce: Festschrift for Fritz Senn . Ed. Ruth Frehner and Ursula Zeller (Dublin: Lilliput Press, 1998), pp. 231-58.

“‘Nausicaa’: A Metaphysics of Coitus.” James Joyce’s Ulysses: (En)gendered Perspectives. Ed. Kimberly J. Devlin and Marilyn Reizbaum. Columbia, S.C.: U of South Carolina P, 1999. 185–209.

“Introduction.” James Joyce, Finnegans Wake. New York: Penguin, 1999. vii–xxvi.

Current Research
Currently working on a book on James Joyce's Ulysses, based on my forty year engagement with tne novel.

Recent English Courses Taught

No recent courses taught.