Jacob Hobson

Jacob Hobson

Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellow


Selected Publications and Papers Delivered

"Translation as Gloss in the Old English Boethius." Medium Ævum (forthcoming).

"Euhemerism and the Veiling of History in Early Scandinavian Literature." Journal of English and Germanic Philology 116.1 (2017): 24-44.

"National-Ethnic Narratives in Eleventh-Century Literary Representations of Cnut." Anglo-Saxon England 43 (2014): 267-95.

Current Research

A Ph.D Candidate in English and Medieval Studies, I specialize in the literatures of Anglo-Saxon England and medieval Scandinavia. My work focuses on the political dimensions of medieval literary and intellectual culture. My dissertation, "Exegetical Theory and Textual Communities in Late Anglo-Saxon England," claims scriptural exegesis as one of the major shaping forces of Anglo-Saxon literature and society; this project reveals how Anglo-Saxon writers use exegesis to situate their audiences within the morally charged arc of salvation history and to produce the Anglo-Saxon political subject as an actor within it.

Recent English Courses Taught

Fall, 2017
Course & Section Course Name Course Areas
190/7 Research Seminar: Monsters, Exiles, and Outlaws in Medieval Literature Pre-1800 Requirement
Old English
Middle English
Research Seminars
Spring, 2016
Course & Section Course Name Course Areas
117S/203 (discussion) Shakespeare Shakespeare
Fall, 2015
Course & Section Course Name Course Areas
45A/201 (discussion) Literature in English: Through Milton Introductory Surveys

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